Once upon a time in Naples, Carbonara 84...

The Farmacia Canale is the result of the transmission of the Know How of 5 generations of Pharmacists. The history begins about the half of the XIX century, when the Dr Vincenzo Bracco,  managed his Pharmacist profession in Naples.

Uncle Vincanzo gave in inheritance,  in addition to his experience, also his Pharmacy to the nephew, the Baron Dr Francesco Mattera, who, once  become Dr of Chemistry and Pharmacy, managed his Pharmacy, in Naples at Via Carbonara 84, with his wife, the Baroness Tommasina Muto, and with his sons and daughters, Vincenzo, Giovanni, Maria and Luisa.

The Family and the Pharmacies begun to grow, so the sons of the Baron Francesco, the Drs Vincenzo and Giovanni, and the sons in law Dr Giovanni Canale , and Dr Tommaso Terrusi, created one of the first chains of Pharmacies in Italy.

Maria Mattera, infact, married the young Dr Giovanni Canale, who, once sold his Pharmacy on the island of Procida, begun his work in the Valley of Pompeii.

Just in Pompei, Giovanni Canale, showed all is value, and created one of the most important Pharmacies of Italy; in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the Farmacia Canale became synonymous of honesty, professionalism, quality and class.

Infact, in the city famous all over the world for the Madonna of the Rosary, and for the ruins of Pompeii, he started the firsts clinical and naval supplies, he done the first computerization in ’83, and created one of the most provided cosmetics departments of the Campania.

This department of the Pharmacy was directed by the Dr Ida Carla Canale, the daughter of Giovanni, who, for 15 years was guided from the father.

Today the dr Ida Carla Canale has two sons, Mario and Giovanni Maria Starace, who under the experience of 5 generations, are managing the Pharmacy in Torre Annunziata.

Now our family has 6 Pharmacies: Farmacia Maria della Neve Dr Ida Carla Canale, Torre Annunziata;  Farmacia Volpe Dr Luigi Mattera, Naples; Farmacia Mattera Dr Francesco Mattera, Naples; Farmacia Terrusi, Naples; Farmacia Mattera Dr Vincenzo, Naples; Farmacia Polito, Naples.

Mario and Giovanni Maria are making of “Farmacia Canale”, a more and more dynamic, efficient and in step with the times Company.